Saturday, 5 January 2013

Wailing and gnashing of dampproofing

Have you ever wondered if you could fit everything you own into one room?  Recently this question has been vexing me and it turns out that, broadly speaking the answer is yes. I can fit almost everything I own into one room.  I say almost everything because some items of furniture remain downstairs, but technically most of those are the property of my mother, without whom my house would be mostly unfurnished.  Actually some (all) of the furniture in my bedroom belongs to my mother too, so if we discount that it should be easy to fit everything into one room.

The obvious question is why?  Why would someone fit everything they own into one cramped little room.  Well in the near future my house will be in receipt of a new damp course and wood worm spray.  As such all wood floors need to be free of items, carpet, furniture, etc.  and some of the downstairs walls need to be freed from their plaster and skirting boards.  On top of all this, a number of floor boards need to be lifted so that the joists and undersides of the floors can be sprayed too.  All of this means that the house has a cold, musty and dusty air of a building site on hiatus.

All this will soon change though as the treatment should be happening in a week or so.  This will be followed by some rather extensive plastering to make good on the damp proofing and the building work.  This should be the last I see of bare bricks on the inside of the house, which i am more than a bit glad of as I cannot adequately describe quite how sick I am of my house being a building site.  What is more remarkable is that I spend most of my time (when not wearing a boiler suit) at Claire's.  The  house of my lovely girlfriend, not the shop that sells cheap jewellery.  So I am not even fully immersed in the buildingsiteyness of it.  But it has been a year since I moved in.  Plenty long enough to tire of the sight of bare plaster/bare brick/cables/unfinished floor boards/ etc.
Ah well.  Hopefully most of the building site will just be a memory soon!

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