Thursday, 5 December 2013

Smell of the season.

It is that time of year again.  When the adds on TV all seem to be for perfume.  Presumably this is because in the summer we can all be outside, with plenty of fresh air to drive away the fowl stench of our loved ones.  But now that winter is here and outside is less inviting, there is just no getting away from it.  They really stink.  And we must buy them perfume.  Or choke.
Given that smell is a rather difficult thing to convey via medium that plays only to our other senses, the add men have to come up with another way to convince us to buy into their particular stink.  They must sell us a concept, a dream, an aspiration.  And it seems that they have decided what we most aspire to is the ability to be massively pretentious.  And possibly live in a black and white world. 
The most offensive of these ads on TV is rip off of the final scene from the film Notting Hill.  Where Hugh Grant blags his way into Julia Roberts press conference.  Quite why this should inspire me to smell like the weasel faced miscreant in the advert I do not know.  And I can’t judge it against the product itself because I genuinely don’t know what it is advertising.  I probably did at one point, as at some point in the past I must have seen, what is only a few seconds of film, to its conclusion.  But since then I have scoured it from my mind.  These days it irritates me to such an extent that when it comes on, if I am within reach of the TV remote I will turn the sound off and look away.  If I am not close enough to the remote I look away and enter a trance like state where I block out certain aspects of my surroundings.  This state I have otherwise attained through meditation or sitting in the back of a small plane, knowing that I would soon be leaving its relative safety to head back to earth via the clear air between.  So maybe these perfume adverts do have a higher purpose after all.

Here’s wishing you a happy perfume season and lets hope their stench does not choke you before the fresh air of spring sets you free.

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  1. Perfume adverts are much like those for cars. You can't give much information about a car in terms of how it handles or comfort, just how it looks and how it sounds. So, much like perfume adverts, car advertising is mostly aspirational rather than informative.

    A trick I've learnt from Angela's side of the family (which seemingly never occurred to my family) is to always keep the remote near, and use the mute button frequently.