Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Harvest 2014

This year has not been a runaway success, but it has been a very good year for the Chilean Guava.  I don't know what volume of fruit there was, as there was not exactly a harvest more of a persistent grazing and in the end the dog discovered the plant as a source of nibbles.

I have my main plant in a large pot, which I moved out of the wind before it flowered and put on a patio in full sun.  I put the pot in a bucket with a lot of water as I wasto be running to stand still and the plant seemed happy.  In the autumn it was covered in berries ~1cm diameter that tasted great.  Most were picked and eaten straight away, until the dog discovered them.

Yacon and Oca cropped, but not heavily.  possibly due to the wind chill.

Pepper tree; purchased ~1ft tall at end of 2012.  Tripled in height in 2013 in a courtyard in Southampton.  No much growth in 2014 on a Hillside in Somerset.  No fruit as yet.

Blue Honesuckle; 5 berries.  Quite tasty. Plant constantly looks like it is about to die.

Wasabi; challenging to keep alive.  I have had trouble with slugs before, but nothing compares to they way they attack wasabi.  various other critters go for it too.

Cape Gooseberry; did quite well in the conservatory.  Probably 1 litre of fruit.
Two cape gooseberry and a soya bean
A bigger  Soya bean and two bigger cape gooseberrys

Tomatillo: no success.

Soya beans; grew up well. produced just enough beans for small handful of edumame then all died.  These were grown from seeds that were supposed to be suited to the UK, but I have read that soya is not able to nitrogen fix in UK soil unless the correct bacteria is added.  Possibly the source of the problem.

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